Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines was established in 1967 and commenced its commercial operation by employing two home trade vessels and 4 larger ocean going vessels.

Presently, IRISL Group with around half a century experience in worldwide marine transportation field and employing a reliable international network is well-known to its clients as their global partner, capable in performing a wide spectrum of services and steps up beyond expectation of customers.

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The successes and achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Group

  • Gain first place in the Middle East
  • Leading and chairing the IRA International Shipping Line Union among the 18 active lines in Asia
  • Join the white IMO list
  • Success in the implementation of management and quality management system globally
  • The second line of defense of the country in eight years of sacred defense
  • Get the Diamond Eye Award from the Other Ways Management Advisory Forum in Paris in the year
  • Receiving the International Quality Award and Certification of the 2007 New York Convention in 2007
  • Dubai International Award for Management and Ownership (2005)
  • Get a crystal statue of the top national green economy festival in 2005
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Student attraction

Gaining first rank in the Middle East, managing and chairing the IRA Shipping Union Union among 18 active lanes in the Asia ...

social responsibility

The presence of the managers and staff of the shipping group at the large Ashooraan complex in Tehran (9/10/88), voluntary donations of blood by managers and shipping staff during the Fajr decade each year and ...

Mana Manage Network

The first independent information network for marine society

Auctions and tenders

General Auctions, Terms of Participation in the Sale of Deleted Containers of the Shipping Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ...

درباره ما

کشتیرانی جمهوری اسلامی ایران در سال 1346 تأسیس شد و فعالیت حمل ونقل دریایی خود را در سال 1347
با به کارگیری دو فروند کشتی کوچک در حوزه خلیج فارس و چهار فروند کشتی اقیانوس پیما آغاز کرد.

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About us

Iranian Shipping Company was established in 1346 and started its maritime shipping operation in 1347 with two small ships in the Persian Gulf and four ocean-going ships.

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  • (+98)21 -26100369-370
  • info@irisl.net
  • http://irisl.net

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  • (+98)21 -26100369-370
  • info@irisl.net
  • http://irisl.net

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