Monday19 February 2018
Multi-Modal Transportation
  • Providing multi-modal transportation and Door to Door services for containerized shipments with competitive fares by railway and road
  • Inland transit service to all domestic customs points
  • Outbound transit service to CIS countries, Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries
  • Shipping containerized cargos with the coordination of shipping lines from farthest reaches of the world to all customs points in Iran as well as CIS countries and other countries by issuing one through Bill of Lading only.
  • Providing forwarding services ,customs services, agency services, Bill of Lading and Way Bill insurance
  • Transporting different kind of edible liquids such as vegetables oil and etc by tank-wagons completely hygienically and standardized
  • Professional transporting of fuel, chemicals and industrial oils by tank-wagons domestically and internationally
  • Transporting different kind of containerized shipments and general cargos by short- edged wagons domestically and internationally
  • Providing loading and discharging services in origins and destinations
  • Providing specialized facilities, warehousing, stuffing and lashing of cargo in available logistic centers
  • Having logistic warehouses
  • Engagement in wagon repair services in Tezerj (BandarAbbas)
  • Owning 731 tank-Wagons for carrying fuel and vegetable oil and etc.
  • Owning 454 multi-purposes short- edged wagons