Monday19 February 2018
Dry docking and voyage repairing 
  • Under water and voyage repair of ships of all type by skilled workman using latest technology
  • Using high quality material and standard procedures
  • promote service quality and meet class requirements
  • Offering compatible tariffs in the Persian Gulf region, capable of carrying out all kind of technical repairs and purchasing parts and equipment
  • Yard repair facilities include but not limited to:
    1. Floating dock 42*240m with lifting capacity of 28000 metric tons fitted with 10 and 25 tons cranes, suitable for ships with 80000 tons DWT 
    2. Syncrolift system 32*170m with lifting capacity of 11000 metric tons 
    3. Three parking lines of 200m each with 40 tons cranes
    4. Repair berth fitted with 40 tons cranes
    5. Specialized workshops for technical repair, such as: fabrication, electric, automation, calibration, mechanical, hydraulic, carpentry, piping, propeller and shafting
    6. Having industrial machinery, such as: fork lifts, mini loaders, mobile cranes and cherry pickers, trucks, etc.