Monday19 February 2018
Port Operations
  • Offering services in port service in port operations including bulk, general cargo, container and making long-term contracts for management, strategic planning and investment in the Iranian ports
  • Terminal management, loading and discharging, warehousing and additional services under our management in Iran with total 400,000 TEU per year
  • Loading and discharging of bulk and general cargo
  • Stripping and stuffing of containers operation with an approximate capacity of 100,000 TEU at Sounthern Iranian ports annually. 
  • Investing and cooperation in logistics and terminals
  • Optimized management of services costs and reducing paperwork to encourage export companies 
  • Integrated system of information for customers and providing shipping lines and customers with internet services 
  • Warehousing operation and port services in private container terminal with capacity of 60,000 TEU at Shahid Rajaei port
  • Managing all the port operations in Pars service port (Asalouye)
  • Container depot and export containers of 500,000 TEU per year at Shahid Rjaei port
  • Container support system, container repair and depot service at Shahid Rajaei and Imam Khomeini ports
  • Construction and management of a large container repairing and washing yard at Shahid Rajaei port
  • Implementing a big logistics park project at Shahid Rajaei port