Monday19 February 2018
Agency Services

Rendering all shippingagency services
Rendering agency services in various aspects such as commercial services ,technical services, supply of bunkers , fresh water and provision
To provide container Services (Import ,Export ad transit)
To issue bill of lading and Cargo clearances on behalf of the carrier.
To perform entrance and exit formalities of vessels.
To render crewing services formalities to the vessels, such as sign on/off ,taking visa ,both for Iranian and expatriates ship's personnel.
Providing services to the customers in line with commodities being imported by containersthrough head office in Tehran and branch offices at southern Iranian ports.i.e.Bandar Abbas ,Bushehr,Bandar Imam Khomeini, Assalouyeh,Khoramshahr,Chabahar and Mashhad city.
To perform internal and external transit shipment services in Tehran and branch offices.
Providing export services in line with commodities being exported by container through head office in Tehran and all branch offices.
To arrange shore passes for expatriate ships personnel.
To provide daily service boats and inland transportation for ships personnel.
To arrange stevedoring ,tally, operations for the ships , through highly professional companies engaged with such operation.(based on agreement with approved subcontractors)
The agency equipped with highly efficient equipment need for containers movement.
To arrange workshops , classification society surveyors ,auditors for the purpose of survey and maintenance of the vessels.
To prepare Cargomanifests(for the purpose of submitting to the port authorities and customs).
To surrender bill of lading, to the export customers ,incomplying with all commercial international terms and regulations.
To perform entrance and exit security clearances of the vessel through it'sexpert staff.
To arrange ship chandlers companies to provide high quality provision to the ships.
The agency employees are highly skilled ,experienced& expert who are able to utilize, highly developed and updated equipment located in private terminal.