Monday19 February 2018
Bulk & General Cargoes Transportation
• Marine transportation management in sector of bulk cargoes, general cargoes and liquid, commercial operation and chartering.
• Active in Liner and Tramp sectors.
• Services in Tramp sector with due regards to wide diversity in dry bulk and wet bulk cargoes in relation to type and volume by employing various sizes of vessels in four divisions: Industrial bulk, chemical bulk, food bulk and tanker in major ports of the world.
• Services in Liner sector by multipurpose and twain deck vessels
• Bulk and semi-Bulk cargoes transportation including steel products, project cargoes, bagged cargoes, MDF and wood logs, machineries and general cargo between various ports in Asia, Europe Mediterranean, Black Sea, Africa and South America.
• Chartering services through expertise by employing vessels of various type and size.
• Wide range of agency network for cargo booking and after sale services .