Monday19 February 2018

‍Container Shipping is operated by dedicated and knowledgeable personnel and supported by wide ranges of agency network all over the world .
It also offers various container-related services such as multi-modal transportation in local cities and central Asia and distinct and unique services from Iranian and other Asian ports as well as web-based online facilities for tracking of containers by customers.
This division is regarded as a reliable container carrier by the clients.
The company offers container services to customers through six operational lines, employing 24 container ships with a total capacity of 91000 Teu .

HDM service Line:
There are 5 ships and 4 vessels, each with a capacity of 6500 and 5100 Teu respectively, running on this route, covering all ports, from those in the Far East region to Persian Gulf. They offer the fastest transit time with direct sailings from Dubai , B.Abbas and Assalouyeh to the ports located on the East-bound leg including : Qingdao , Tianjin , Lianyungang , Shanghai , Dalian and Ningbo as well as from these Chinese ports to Persian Gulf on the West bound passage. Other ports through this sailing route are linked to the main ports by feeder vessels as well.

SCP Service Line:
The line holds 6 vessels altogether, 3 of which have a capacity of 3300 Teu each, 2 have a capacity of 2700 Teu and one enjoys a capacity of 2500 Teu , connecting the ports : Kaohsiung , Xiamen and Shenzen to Bandar Abbas , Assalouyeh and Dubai in the Persian Gulf.

ISC Service Line:
There are 4 ships in this line holding the task of covering ports in the Eastern Asia region such as Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Vietnam , Indonesia , Cambodia , Myanmar , Bangladesh , Philippines , Sri Lanka and India with the capacities ranging from 2200 to 2500 Teu .
SAS Service Line:
The Eastern Africa states like Tanzania and Kenya are linked to India and Pakistan and eventually to Iran by 2 vessels running in this route, with a capacity of 1000 and 2500 Teu respectively.
EMX Service Line:
The line, based on requirements by shippers, makes a connection between ports in the southern region of Iran with those located in Mediterranean, particularly, Istanbul by utilizing 2 ocean-going vessels.
PVL Service Line:
Presently, one vessel with a capacity of 2500 Teu is operated in this service line that links, in necessary occasions, South Iranian ports & Persian Gulf region to intended destinations in Venezuela.

Other Services:
- Employing 253,000 Teu containers under its ownership and supervision .
- Having Close cooperation with most of domestic forwarding companies
- Offering door-to-door services to local cities and also countries in the Middle Asia.
- Offering distinct transportation services for direct carriage of cargo in most of Asian as well as Iranian ports
- Providing web-based online services for tracking containers by the shippers
- Making commerce, dealing with clients and planning convenient policies in scope of shipping affairs all over the world.
- Marketing and client responding services
- Offering services to ports in Eastern Asia , East Africa , Mediterranean region and Venezuela
- The possibility of demand assessment , purchasing , leasing and supplying containers
- Monitoring , tracking , repairing and maintenance as well as selling worn-out containers
- Holding Containers in depots in the regions under supervision
- Preparing financial analysis reports for the use of those involved
- Establishing a process-oriented management system
- Surveying and supervising the performance of forwarders as well as their representatives overseas
Container Shipping has the glory of being able to perform it’s constant undertaking as a reliable mainstay with its offices as well as a vast network of shipping agencies all over the world , and that the company’s ultimate purpose would be to proceed with container trading industry in the country.