Tuesday21 February 2017
Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines was established in 1967 and commenced its commercial operation by employing two home trade vessels and 4 larger ocean going vessels.
Presently, IRISL Group with around half a century experience in worldwide marine transportation field and employing a reliable international network is well-known to its clients as their global partner, capable in performing a wide spectrum of services and steps up beyond expectation of customers.
IRISL and KTZ Mark a Historical Meritorious Event in Bilateral Ties between Tehran and Astana
To enhance a mutual sterling correlation in Shipping sector and multimodal transportation as well as related businesses in Terminal Management and dry port investments, and mindful to drive ahead the existing rectitude in strategic concept of transiting cargo to facilitate trade access of CIS countries to open seas, constructive negotiations were made between IRISL and KTZ to serve the interests of companies in this criteria , the framework of which was documented in a Memoranda of Agreement between the highest authorities of two companies in Feb. 2016 , fostering a high level of interest in the orientation.

A Remarkable Change in Iran 's Bunkering Industry
The managing director of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL) stated: what happens by opening Qeshm Star Bunkering project is a beginning to obtain the value added existing in the bunkering stations of the vessels in the region.